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Do You Have the Right Approach to Analytics?

Article written by Jun Lee, Senior Consultant at Analytica Consulting In 2017, data analytics has taken huge strides in innovation. Cloud analytics, in-memory data computing, big data storage, enhanced data encryption – these are all the available tools, should you decide to get involved. However, even with all these tools, many companies continue to spend […]

Data Science Platforms – New Trend or Necessity?

Article written by Josh Karpen, Senior Consultant at Analytica Consulting Data science, predictive analytics, machine learning – these methodologies are increasingly becoming a necessary part of the toolkit for modern organizations to compete effectively. Many companies are building data science teams to meet that challenge rather than having one data scientist.  One of the reasons […]

Healthcare Analytics – EMR Systems Need Help

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems have proven their worth within the healthcare system by improving patient care, reducing costs, and augmenting patient safety. These systems contain a wealth of information that is currently under-utilized and not analyzed effectively. With the correct analytics technology, a great deal of insight can be garnered from such data to […]

Mobile Analytics – To App or Not To App?

“App,” a word previously only recognized by individuals with a computer degree, became universally known after Apple released the App Store for its iPhone mobile devices in 2008. Since then there have been over 1 million apps created with more than 60 billion downloads. Google soon caught on to this wave and launched its own […]