Helping California Tackle the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Data Analytics

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit California, the office of the Governor realized that using data would be the only way to handle this crisis. Using our domain expertise in public health, we provided accurate, real-time data analysis to help the Governor and his team efficiently and effectively manage the pandemic.

For more information and to view our publicly available dashboards and data please visit and

Project Goal

  • Integrate data from several CA State agencies including CDT, DHCS, CDPH and others
  • Provide Governor’s office real-time emergency dashboards showing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in California.

Project Results

  • Developed dashboards showing case statistics, ICU admissions, ventilator availability, PPE supply/need and hospital bed utilization
  • Significantly improved COVID-19 operations and support for the Governor of California
  • Currently working on vaccine deployment and economic impact analysis

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