Transforming Public Health: Analytica Consulting’s Respiratory Virus Dashboard for CDPH

In the pursuit of advancing the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) strategic approach to respiratory illnesses, Analytica Consulting is proud to announce the successful release of a trailblazing Respiratory Virus Dashboard. Using statewide data, this public-facing dashboard provides weekly updates and analysis on hospitalizations, deaths, and tests for both influenza and COVID-19, as well as ICU bed availability in California.

CDPH entrusted Analytica as its partner in this pivotal initiative to move beyond COVID-specific resources and provide the public with vital information on multiple respiratory viruses simultaneously. Some key objectives of this project include:

Comprehensive Respiratory Virus Analytics
Our primary goal was to help CDPH expand upon their current website focus of COVID-19 analytics to include additional respiratory virus datasets. This broader perspective ensures a more holistic understanding of respiratory health trends, better equipping public health officials and the community to respond more effectively.

Timely and Relevant Information for Current Flu Season
With a keen eye on the onset of flu season, the Respiratory Virus Dashboard was designed to provide timely information and analytics to the public. This data empowers individuals with actionable insights, encouraging a more informed and prepared community.

The new graphics also provide an option for comparing the current flu season with those of the recent past, allowing the user to gauge illness volume and severity with historical context. These views yield immediate insights into the differences across seasons as well as repeating patterns of within-season variation.

Web Page and Tableau Dashboard Integration
Analytica Consulting adhered to CDPH’s vision, embedding the Respiratory Virus Dashboard into a dedicated web page on Leveraging CDPH-supported technologies such as Tableau and SharePoint, we ensured integration that aligns with the department’s existing infrastructure.

Data Visualization Development
To achieve the most factual representation of the data, Analytica Consulting worked closely with epidemiologists and other medical scientists at CDPH. The dashboard’s layout is patterned after the successful state dashboard, which Analytica also operates on behalf of CDPH, ensuring consistency and familiarity for users.

Stakeholder Review and Go-Live
Analytica Consulting followed a meticulous development process to ensure the dashboards are not only factually accurate, but also visually appealing and functionally robust. After several rounds of CDPH stakeholder review, the Respiratory Virus Dashboard went live on the first of December 2023, and is now an invaluable resource for the public and public health professionals alike.

Post Go-Live Hypercare and Ongoing Support
Analytica continues to provide comprehensive support for the Respiratory Virus Dashboard post release. Now that our team members have met the department’s rigorous release timeline, they are focused on numerous enhancements to expand the reach of this vital information. These include improving accessibility for people with disabilities and optimizing the display on mobile devices.

Analytica Consulting is proud to contribute to the advancement of public health through the development of the CDPH Respiratory Virus Dashboard. By embracing a comprehensive approach and leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, we are confident that this dashboard will play an important role in enhancing public awareness and preparedness for respiratory illnesses beyond COVID-19. Together with CDPH, we hope to shape a healthier future for California.

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