Developing an Operational Reporting Tool for Sony

Project Goal

  • Develop a new operational reporting tool (ORT) tool within Tableau that can be used by multiple local
    and international departments in Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
  • Requires the usability to run reports and analyses that utilize many new data sources
    and connections on product information, and Sony interactions with publishers
    and content (mainly for auditing purposes)
  • Add ORT features: to search, filter, track and analyze data for improved auditing
    and internal decision making.

Project Results

  • The ORT was developed using JDBC and ODBC connections with a custom SQL query, and tuning
    the dashboards in Tableau
  • The ability to check upcoming releases, analyze product data and identify criteria for cross-data
  • Added features: searching and filtering products, SKUs, concepts, both product and partner


  • Helps both Sony internal users and executives, as well as Sony partners and lead publishers
    with decisions for analyzing partner and product information, tracking Sony interactions
    with publishers and content for auditing purposes

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