DataCon LA 2019: Steve Rimar speaks on the Big Data Panel

Data Con LA 2019 was the fifth consecutive conference held, but this year prior to the opening date it was sold out. The conference took place on August 17th and brought in a diverse audience of data scientists, business executives and professionals interested in all things data. CEO of Analytica Consulting, Steve Rimar participated on the ‘Big Data’ panel. The panel was centered around selected excerpts from the documentary film “Big Data: Unlocking Success” which included profiles of trailblazing experts from MGM Resorts International, Toyota Financial Services and other innovative companies. You may view one of the reels shown at the panel on “recommendations for big data business strategy” here:

The panelists discussed the power, pitfalls, and potential in harnessing and interpreting data and revealed how today’s wealth of data drives strategic decisions across industries. A recurring theme in the documentary is that the demand for data science talent will only increase in our economy as data affects all aspects of our lives. Steve Rimar, with over 20 years of experience in the data analytics/ consulting field, provided insight and invaluable experience on the topics presented, such as: data’s impact on cultural change, recommendations for big data business strategies, and working with predictive models. He also shared his outlook on the future of data across industries and how you can leverage data in your role–no matter the industry.

If you are interested in attending Analytica’s next speaking engagement, please consider registering for IDEAS 2019 SoCal AI & Data Science Conference 2019 on October 26th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We will be speaking on the “Key Elements for a Successful Service Analytics Program”. 

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