Improving a Hospital’s Operational Efficiency Through Analytics

 “The team at Analytica Consulting, especially Kali and Tom, have been instrumental in several of our analytics and visualization projects.  They are very talented and have been able to jump in and quickly acclimate to our complex clinical data environment.  They have helped us move our analytics capabilities forward much more quickly than we could have without this external expert support.  I’d highly recommend them to anyone needing help in this realm. “

– Josh Kohrumel, Chief Data Officer at Rady Children’s Hospital

Project Goal

  • Visualize and improve operational metrics for multiple hospital departments
  • Develop a central data architecture to improve data collection and analysis processes

Project Results

  • Automated the calculation and visualization of 300 metrics across 8 clinical subspecialties
  • Created a fully transparent, centralized data architecture integrating information from Epic
  • Developed Operational dashboards for Endocrinology, Nephrology, Pulmonology and Cardiology

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